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December 21, 2013
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[Very Uke!America x Male!Model!Reader]

Part One
He and I...

[Alfred's P.O.V:]
I sat at my classroom table; with a delicious Big Mac burger in my mouth savouring the mixed flavours of perfection and the latest issue of "Teen MAD!" in my hand. My sparkling sapphire eyes skimmed the pages; occasionally stopping to look at the overly ribbed people in it, the corners of my cheeks tug down slightly into a sad pout as my eyes scanned the visible pecs on the models that I sadly lacked.

A quick glance down; I put a hand over my stomach, feeling the excess weight pudge against my grasping fingers, I know I'm not obviously overweight, but there's this extra fat that begged to differ, even though I have a slim figure with some excess fat around my stomach line. Sadly; I brought my attention back the magazine in my hands hidden in the pages of a ridiculously oversized math book as other students chatted to one another, ignoring me completely as I read.
Finishing my burger; I turn my head to the side and see the vacant seat next to me, a pang of loneliness hit me and I sighed not knowing if he was going to make it to school today.
Flicking the page; my breath hitched in my throat, my eyes glistened more and a smile crawled its way onto my rosy cheeks as I saw... Him... (f/n) (l/n); my boyfriend.

I dreamily rested my chin in the palm of my hand and unconsciously let a content sigh escape my lips, (f/n) was on the third page standing in multiple poses; the biggest near the middle of the page being him leaning back with one hand behind his head, holding it and his other hand holding a blue Chupa-Chup to his perfectly formed lips with a smile as he looked directly at the camera. His short, (h/s) (h/c) hair framed his face perfectly as if he was a painted piece of art, his (e/c) eyes pierced my heart making me sigh again as I switched my hands to rest my chin in the left. The clothes he wore looked casual but on him they looked like designer wear, consisting of ripped jeans overlapping designer red vans, a tight grey singlet hugging his abs and muscles. I unconsciously shivered at the sight of the tight singlet overlapped by a red, grey, black & white pled button up shirt left hanging loose, completed with dog tags & chains, wrist warmers and his overall charm; He looked Perfect.

I unconsciously bring my hand away from my chin and with my finger I gently caress his hair, even to this day I still can't believe I'm Actually dating (f/n) (l/n)! One of the biggest and youngest superstars of the modelling industry. I let my mind wander and happily drift to the memory of meeting him and falling hopelessly head over heals for the one who stole my heart...


It was a year ago in grade 11; I was 16 years old and still not in the best physical condition, but sucking it up, I lived my life normally... an alone closet homosexual, yes, I Alfred. F Jones am a homosexual, only then I kept it hidden not wanting to give another reason for teasing and being made fun of. Moving down the halls of World Academy, I had to get to class before I was late for the third time meaning detention, forcing my legs to carry on as my quick breath became ragged and harder to swallow. Turning a corner as quickly as I possibly could; my face suddenly came into contact with something, or rather someone, due to the force of the impact I bounced right off of the surface and onto my butt.
Feeling the creeping presence of a bruise, I slid a sapphire eye open only to see the back of a boy in the school uniform consisting of a shirtsleeve white dress shirt, long black pants, a blue pled tie, long sleeved dark blue sweater and black shoes. Only when the boy had fully turned around did I fully get to see what he looked like, a burning rose in my cheeks and I felt as if my heart was beating in my ears, in front of me stood one of the most attractive boys I'd ever seen!! His piercing (e/c) eyes looked to me with shock and worry and his (h/c) hair fanned out around his face when he spun around to me, at first I was completely lost... Lost for words... Lost for breath... A lost in those magical (e/c) eyes...

"Hey man, are you okay?" His voice ripped me from my day dreaming and he outstretched an arm to me. Hesitant at first; I relaxed when I looked into his eyes again and let him grab my hand to help me up, once I was on my feet again; I tried desperately to locate my words and utterly Failed! A sudden squeal erupted from down the hall behind the boy and his (e/c) eyes widened in shock and fear, his now visible (And Hot!) muscles tensed and his hair stood up. I looked shocked from behind my thin rimmed glasses as his hand suddenly and without warning grasps my own making my cheeks burn an embarrassing shade of red as I feel his hands warmth. He looks deeply into my eyes for a second and in a husky tone almost enough to make me melt whispered...
"Run." And off we were, he dragged me to a nearby storage room with brooms and cleaning utensils, leaping in then dragging me in; the boy whose name I didn't even know pressed me against his lean chest. One of his hands wrapped around my back and the other pressed against my sandy blonde hair, firmly holding my chest against his, my arms bend on his chest and my tomato red face pressed into the crook of his neck. I was at a loss for words as the boy about half a head taller that me firmly held me in place...

"Sorry but bare with this for now..." His husky whispering voice breaths down the back of my collar onto the exposed neck skin making me shiver and obey his words. We stayed frozen in place hearing the chatter of excited girls from outside the door, I could hardly hear them over the sound of my pounding heart beat in my ears, my nose peering over the boys shoulder as I try and steady my breaths. Eventually hearing the girls walk away, I hear the boy speak again...
"(f/n)." He says slowly loosening his grip on my back making me mentally whine at the loss of touch but quickly expel the thought to focus on what he said.
"W-wha?" My miserable voice stutters a barely audible questioning reply, his grip loosens on the back of my head bringing my face away from his shoulder to look at him in those (e/c) eyes again. He flashes a smile almost enough to make me melt in place and he repeats himself.
"That's my name, (f/n). (F/n) (l/n), nice to meet you even if it was under these circumstances" he smiles as the burning in my cheeks exceeds volcanic.

"I-I'm Alfred. Alfred. F Jones" I reply starting to calm down regarding the fact that I was pressed up to the chest of possibly one of the most attractive boys I've ever seen. Thinking that the voices had gone, I wondered if it would be okay to get out of the closeness of the storage room, but a part of me didn't want to leave the strong arms of this, (f/n).
His face straightens out as he looks at me, gazing at my form from up and down, I felt the red blush spread to my cheeks once again under his piercing gaze. A sudden childish smirk played its way onto his lips as his gaze returned to my eyes...
"Glad I couldn't have possibly picked anyone cuter to share this space with" his playful voice purrs as my brain slowly comprehend what he just said... 'Did He Just Call Me Cute?!'
"A-ah a-w-wha" my mouth tries to form worst but fails in the attempt.
"How adorable~! You're even cuter when you stutter, you now that~?" His voice purrs into my ear making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, my breath permanently caught in my throat as (f/n) reaches out and begins playing my sandy blonde cowlick atop my head causing me to stutter more.

"Awww~ I just wanna take you home~" my eyes squeeze shut as he sings sweet nothing's into my ear causing 50 shades of red to paint my face, my hands still placed at his chest ready to push him off but his voice made my muscles loose all strength and quiver under his words. I felt my legs and arms shake, at first I though the shake was fear or shock but as (f/n) continued to play with that lucky strand of my hair and breath his hot breath on my neck, I felt as though the shake was anticipation... As much as I wanted to deny it; my whole body was shaking, quivering, awaiting the touch, begging for to the touch of the boy pressed against me. I felt like liquid in his hands, like a dragonfly in his bottle, like a deer in his headlights... He was in control...

I let out a shaky breath and (f/n) turns to face me with a smile tugging at his lips as he teased that strand of hair, one of my eyes slowly slips open as I pant in a shaky breath, his smile grows more in accomplishment to make me this on edge. He moves his hand from the strand of hair causing it to shake slightly above my now slightly sweaty forehead, my eyes widen when his finger moves behind my ear , gently stroking and caressing it. My hands slowly grasp onto his shirt causing the grin on his lips to widen.
"A-a-ahhh hnnn~" my shaky breath hitching and my voice betraying me by letting out soft barely audible moans as the (h/c) haired boy gently caressed behind my ear, unconsciously I lean my head closer into his chest causing a small chuckle to escape his lips and continue the loving manner of his touch. My quivering fingertips desperately grasp his school shirt as if pleading to touch me more and stop teasing me, I wasn't sure if I disagreed with that thought or not but so far the noises coming from my lips seemed to fuel that thought.

My sapphire eyes suddenly shot open when I felt something warm and moist feel up the perimeter of my ear.
"Hng! A-aah~" a soft moan escaped my lips that I try to conceal by putting my dark blue sweater covered hand over my shaking lips, I hear a low chuckle from the dominating (h/c) haired boy now arching his back to get better access to my ear that he continues to coat in his taste. I shake uncontrollably and feel my muscles buckle and nipples start to get harder, I squeeze my eyes shut again now practically forcing myself to stay standing. (F/n) now took the inside of my ear, coating it, exploring it and smiling into it. My cheeks burn adding to the fact that out of all of this; I was getting aroused, letting out more low moans as his tongue ravishes my ear, surprising me in how turned on I became from this. Retracting his tongue and smiling...
"Can you hear how cute you sound~?" He whispers into my ear moving another lick around the surface sending a spark of warmness through out my body.

"Ha-ah~" my low moans somehow making it out from behind one of my hands as the other continues to grasp his shirt. He pulls away from my ear again and I whimper at the loss...
"Ufufu~ I've decided~" (f/n) pulls away from the side of my head to smile at me in the eyes, my flushed face starred at him wondering what he meant before the feeling of sudden lips crash onto my own engulfed me. My eyes widen in surprise as the warm lips cover mine, sending sparks of pleasure thought my heating body; (f/n) started of gently with warm sweet kisses over my lips that I hungrily return closing my eyes, (f/n) tasted of apple and cinnamon making me hungrier for his delicious taste.
One of his arms snakes its way around my waist; pulling me closer to him which I did not turn down, synchronising our kisses with each others. His now familiar warm moist tongue made the move of licking my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I waisted no time in accepting, I opened my mouth to be greeted by (f/n)'s tongue swerving around into my mouth. We wrestled tongues, battling for dominance that he eventually won, (f/n) moved his free hand to entangle his fingers in my sandy blonde hair and bring me closer into the passionate kiss. I complied and tilted my head into the kiss making it easier to continue, one of my arms unconsciously rose to his neck; stroking my fingers through his (f/n) hair and the other arm remained at his chest, clutching his shirt.

We broke apart when the need for air became too desperate; releasing each others lips, a small string of saliva connected our tongues that (f/n) happily licked away, opening his eyes to smile at me as he moved his hand from behind my head to my cheek. My glasses slipped slightly crooked on my face and I slipped my eyes open still panting from the utter passion I was victim to, (f/n) smiled at me moving his thump to wipe a corner of my mouth...

"I've decided... To make you my lover~" he sang happily with a playful smile gracing his face.
"W-wha?" I question causing (f/n) to chuckle.
"I'm making you my boyfriend" he says bringing my face closer to place a soft gentle kiss on my nose. Feeling the heat in my flushed face become too much including what was just stated; I fainted.

When I woke up; I was in the nurses office, (f/n) came running in acting like a worried child and he brought me lunch after explaining that I slept right through first sessions, I happily and hungrily engulfed the mass amount of food (f/n) brought me as he sat smiling watching me. From then on (f/n) was determined to make me his boyfriend which I agreed to after 2 weeks of him asking me and now we are boyfriend and boyfriend! Although I forbid us from doing anything lovey-dovey in public mainly after finding out about his career as a super model, although it didn't surprise me that much. He's a bit strange though... One minute he's childish, cute and clinging to me and the next he's dominant, teasing and mature... He's a wolf in sheep's clothing... But I don't mind, I love him all the same and he loves me, chubby and all.

To be continued...
As promised! Part one to my Sweetness story! Part two will be published tomorrow and the whole thing will be fully published on December 24th! :iconexcitedsmileplz:

Part One: Here~
Part Three: WIP
Final Part: WIP

A warning about this story series, there's a lot of teasing foreplay before the final where there finally is the lemon. So it may get frustrating at how close Alfred and Reader-kun get without going all the way before the final.
Just thought I'd let you know now after reading that steamy school closet scene~

All parts will be linked when they're completed~! :iconyuiswayplz:
:bulletpurple:I do own the story.
:bulletyellow:I do not own you.
:bulletblue:I do not own Hetalia (That belongs to Papa!:iconhimaruyaplz:).
:bulletgreen:I do not own the picture (If it is yours then please leave a comment and I'll credit you).

Thank you for Reading and I hope you have a Merry Christmas~!:iconlucywaveplz:
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