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[Chibi!America x Chibi!Reader x Chibi!Canada]

Series & Chapters...

"I don't know about this (f/n)..."
"Shh Hestia! Think of it as a sneak attack"
"Exactly! Get in the warrior spirit!"
"See, Ares gets it~"
"Yes, but at least I'm here so he doesn't lead you with no strategy"
"Oh Shut it Athena!"
"Make me!"

"Both of you Shhh!!" A small (h/c) haired girl whispered as she crouched herself behind a large bush. Multiple different coloured lights floated around her bickered to each other apart from  gold one on her right shoulder, black one on her left shoulder and dark blue one on her head. The little girl is named (f/n) and in fact an island country discovered by her big sister Atlantis who she was currently hiding from. The beings around her are the Greek gods that her big sister had taught her how to see and the ones on her were Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. A smile spread in her face as she observed her big sister exit the stone and wooden home and look around for her.
(F/n) and her sister dressed almost exactly the same; they both wore a pure white dress clipped at the shoulders with gold broaches and tied to shape their form with gold coloured lace at the back and neither were wearing their sandals. Atlantis, or known to her as Antheia, let her knee length golden hair flow down with her side fringe to flick over her right lavender eye and (f/n) also let her (h/l) (h/c) hair down with her bangs to frame her adorable face and shining (e/c) eyes.

Atlantis looked to both her sides and saw bundles of picked flowers laid down on a patch of grass in front of the bush (f/n) was hiding behind, all the gods & goddesses immediately silenced and watched awaiting (f/n) to make her move. The second Atlantis stepped on the patch of grass and bent down to reach for the flowers; (f/n) sprang out from behind the bush gripping something in her hand.
"Caught You!!" She yelled surprising Atlantis as she was tackled to the with (f/n) laughing on top of her putting a hand made flower crown on her head. Atlantis recovery from shock my smiling and laughing using her elbows to support her and (f/n) on her chest.
"Haha, you definitely got me" Atlantis laughs feeling the crown on her head.
"Yep! And now I've crowned you Queen Of The Garden!" (F/n) cheekily grins throwing her hands in the air.
"Oh really princess~?" Atlantis smiled raising her hands and attacking (f/n) with tickles, she screamed in laughter as her big sister brought her into a hug after tickling her.

"Come on sweetie, I've got dinner ready" she smiled standing up with (f/n) on her hip.
"Yay! Food~!" She chanted throwing her hands into the air and clinging onto her sister in a loving embrace.
"You all as well~" She called over her shoulder making the tiny beings behind the bush jump.
"Coming Atlantis!" They called flying over to float around the two.

[(F/n)'s P.O.V:]
I sat at the table happily eating up my dinner as the gods sat around the table eating their little handmade offerings (little baskets of meat, vegetables and decorated with flowers), Antheia smiled wiping up food from my cheek and washing up some plates. But then I stopped hearing a knock coming from the front door, Antheia patted my head and walked up to it as I sneakily walked behind behind her and hid behind a wall peeking curiously at the door.
"Who do you think it is?" Hermes whispered into my ear flying around in a light blue sparkle.
"Maybe It's An Enemy!" Ares loudly whispers from his dark red form.
"Oh please, I think it's a lover~" Aphrodite whispers from her lavender form making my eyes narrow slightly.
"But I've never seen big sister with anyone but big brothers Greece, Turkey and Egypt. There's no way it's a lover, even if it was he wouldn't be worthy of My Big Sister!" I whisper in a protectively disapproving tone.

Antheia opens the door and a blonde man in a suit holding flowers jumps and my eyes narrow 'Who's this guy? I've never seen him before... He has funny eyebrows" I stifled a giggle at the unusual man as he stuttered to talk with big sister. When I got over my giggling with some of the gods also laughing, I listened in to the last of their conversation...
"S-so if it'd be alright with you, then I think it would be a good idea to have them meet" he says scratching the back of his head.
"Oh yes! I think that would be a great idea England" Antheia smiles holding the red flowers.
"Brilliant! I'll see you tomorrow then" the 'England' guy smiles.
"It's a date" Antheia smiles closing her eyes and tilting her head.
"R-r-right, a play date" England nervously laughs and begins walking away.
"See you then~! -Oh! And thank you for the flowers!" She calls turning, closing the door and walking down the hallway, I jump remembering that I forgot to go back in my seat. I quickly see a plant pot behind me and hide...
"What are you doing back there?" I jump seeing Antheia looking to me.
"Ahh.... Plant inspecting! Just making sure these leaves are up to scratch!" I blurt out pretending to study the plant leaves.
"Since its my job as the Princess of the garden!" I nervously laugh making Antheia smile and pat my head.
"Well keep up the good work the princess" she says walking past me. The gods and I all sigh in relief and move back to the table to finish eating.

"Soooo... Who was at the door?" I ask taking in a mouthful as Antheia put the flowers in a vase.
"That was a good friend of mine" she smiles.
"What'd he want?" I ask between chews.
"How did you know it was a 'he'~?" She turns grinning at me making my eyes widen and a sweat to drop down my and the gods foreheads.
"I-ahhhhhh... Aha ummm... The Plant Heard It! I was just inspecting it and it kept whispering to me about the guy with big eyebrows! I was all 'No! That's big sisters friend! Stop looking at them' but the plant was all 'I have caterpillar holes! I Do What I Want!'" I say flailing my arms around aided by some gods at my side trying to feed my story and convince Antheia.
She just cracked a smile and laughed.
"Of course, can't trust those caterpillar holed plants can we?"
"No We Can't!" I yell pointing to the accused plant at the wall and pointed to my eyes then the to plant in an 'I'm-watching-you' action. Big sister laughed behind a hand as she came up and patted my head.
"Well, I'll tell you before bed time. Okay?" I smiled back as Antheia wiped off left over food off my cheeks.

~Time Skip~

"Big sister! Big Sister!" I run up to Antheia and tug on the end of her dress with sparkles in my eyes. She turns around from her book and smiles to my excited face.
"Yes? What is it sweetie?"
"Can We Get A Bear?!" Antheia freezes and stares at my overly happy face accompanied by the tiny gods around me to make my face sparkle more.
"... You read 'Great bear & Little bear' again didn't you?" I nod my head vigorously not loosing the sparkle in my eyes as I grip the said storybook in my other hand.
"I don't know (f/n)... A bear is a big responsibility" she nervously smiles plopping the book in her lap, I start jumping in place.
"Pleeeeeaaaaase! Please Big Sister~! Can we Please get a Bear!?" I beg practically hanging of her dress as she stands and walks to the kitchen.
"I'll think about it (f/n) but you know how dangerous bears can be" she says pulling pork meat out of the fridge.
"Okay..." I mutter, still happy she'd think about it but not as happy that it'd be a yes.
"Now come on, lets go feed the lion"
"Yay! I'm coming Dinami~" I cheer running out the door, leaving Antheia to freeze and think about how her words contrasted.

I ran up and threw myself on the gate of our stable, the sparkling gods flew up next to me and I looked around the dark stable.
"Dinami~ Here boy! Dinner time~" I call out seeing movement in the back of the dark room. Antheia comes up next to me and swings the gate open as I hang off it, jump off and run up to her. Antheia lets out a long whistle and then I see the large movement the size of about three grown men move and run up to us.
Before the fluffy figure could touch us, it stopped and nuzzled into Antheias cheek, Dinami was her lion from when she was little, she said she took him in after the gladiator age. I always wanted to know what Dinami did then, Antheia says that he was in the games, but I always wondered how a lion could play games.

Antheia laughed as Dinami licked her cheek and I pouted at the sight.
"Don't worry sweetie, when you get bigger is when he'll see you easier" she smiles handing me a big slab of meat and lifting me up on her hip. Dinami's big golden eyes widened happily when he saw me and he immediately began licking my cheeks making me giggle and one arm hug his big mane.
"H-hey~ haha, now you see me" I laugh pushing his face away and holding out the slab of meet.
"Dinner time!" I smile seeing Dinami lick his lips and carefully use his big tongue to slide the meat off my hand so he wouldn't hurt me and eat it.
I smile and pat his head making his tail sway in happiness. Once Dinami finished eating, he nuzzled into my cheek again as if asking for more.
"Haha, no more Dinami~ you're going to get big and fat!" I giggle hugging him.
"I think it might storm tonight" Antheia says looking at the dark clouds in the sky.
"I agree" Zeus says sitting on Antheias head.
"Well then I think this big kitty can sleep inside~" she says rubbing his head.
Dinami and I perk up at her words, I latch a hug around her neck and Dinami rubs his head on her shoulder and cheek making Antheia smile.

~Time Skip~

"...and they lived happily ever after" Antheia finishes, my eyelids droop and I nuzzle into Dinami's fluffy side as he curled around us on my bedroom floor. Antheia got up making me frown and shift my position but smile feeling her put a blanket over us as she laid back down.
"Hey big sister... You still didn't tell me what that big eyebrow guy came for" I tiredly say feeling sleepier by the second.
"Oh yes, tomorrow we're going over his house so you can meet little countries like you. England's told me all about them and I know you'll like them" she smiles bringing an arm around and hugging me into her chest.
"Who are they?" I ask lazily feeling my eyes fully close.
"Well they're twins; America and Canada but England says you can call them Alfred and Matthew" she continues, stroking Dinami's muzzle as he sleeps.
"Big sister..." I mumble.
"Yes sweetie?" She says resting her chin on my head.
"... What if they don't like me? ... I've never met any other little countries before, what if hey don't want to be friends?" I ask stuffing my face into her hug.
"Oh sweetie... Don't worry, they'll love you... I know it" she says planting a kiss on my forehead.
"And why wouldn't they? You're a lovely girl" Aphrodite smiles laying wither he other gods on Dinami's back.
"They won't be able to not like you, trust us" Hera says with her silver glow around her.
I smile warmly and snuggle up into my big sisters hug and let myself slip into a beautiful dreamland.
I'm Starting a New Series~!:icon34nipahplz:
I've been meaning to write this for a while and spraining my ankle kind of gave me nothing else to do.
As a plus, I'm Your Big Sister Here! :iconkonataizumiplz:
I hope you're okay with that...
It's a new story That's probably not that original where both America and Canada will love you and at the end of he the series, you will need to choose —Even Though Their Both Perfect! :iconfantasyblushplz:

Also I've included the gods & goddesses I see! Someday I'll draw what colour glows they are but for now, it's a list:
•Zeus (Male)= Gold
•Poseidon (Male)= Dark blue
•Hades (Male)= Black He, Poseidon & Zeus are brothers
•Aphrodite (Female)= Lavender
•Apollo (Male)= Orange He & Artemis are twins
•Ares (Male)= Dark red
•Athena (Female)= Dark pink
•Hermes (Male)= Light blue
•Hera (Female)= Silver Married to Zeus
•Artemis (Female)= Light green
•Hephaestus (Male)= Light red
•Demeter (Female)= Dark green She & Hestia are Zeus' sisters
•Dionysus (Male)= Purple
•Hestia (Female)= Light pink

I'll keep this in each story just so you know which god or goddess is talking to you :iconhappygrinneplz:
Also the story "Great bear & Little bear" is a real greek story involving two of the gods above, it's a small children's story about a constellation that is a cute read, give it a look and see.

I hope you'll like this series~!
:bulletpurple:I do own the story.
:bulletyellow:I do not own you.
:bulletblue:I do not own Hetalia (That belongs to Papa!:iconhimaruyaplz:).
:bulletgreen:I do not own the picture (If it is yours them please leave a comment and I'll credit you).

Thank you for Reading~!:iconwave-uplz:
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Granted I was half asleep when writing the description, I forgot to mention the two are twins :iconteeheeneplz:
But that's fixed now so thank you for the acknowledgement~!
Also the fact I hadn't yet acknowledged Hera & Zeus as married, I plan to develop that in later chapters, plus I kind of assumed my readers already knew. So I guess that is my bad~ :iconorekibakaplz:
Some time in the future I'll make a journal entry about the gods and their relationships with one another, so until then I'll try to describe about each god throughs he future chapters! :iconyutasmileplz:

Thank you again for your input!
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