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July 6, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

.:At Your Service:.

[Uke!Maid!Japan x Seme!Male!Reader]</u>

One Shot...

"I-I'm at your service! Master" Kiku repeated bowing. My (f/n) eyes widened at my Japanese boyfriend bowing in front of me wearing a black and white maids uniform completed with a head dress and ribbons.
"W-what's all this about?" I ask trying to calm down my blush seeing that the dress stopped halfway down his thighs.
"I-I lost a bet with Francis-san and this is the punishment" Kiku blushed straightening out his back.
"Fair enough" I smile.
"W-well then master, shall I make tea?" Kiku asks, I smile back.
"That's be great Kiku" I reply, Kiku takes me to the lounge room of our home. I sit and watch the dress hardly hide Kiku's cute butt, I suddenly caught a glimpse of black lace under the dress causing me to have a huge nosebleed.
"Would you like a snack as well master?" Kiku calls from the kitchen.
"Some cake would be nice~" I smile wiping the blood from my nose. Soon enough Kiku returns with a tea tray in his hands holding a tea kettle, tea cup, slice of strawberry cake and a separate cup with caramel to put on the cake. My mouth watered just looking at it!

Kiku set the tray down and  bent down to pour the milk, my eyes traveled the Kiku's adorable butt hidden by black lace; I bit my lip to control the nosebleed form shooting from my nose. Kiku noticed my gaze and blushed a bright red, he finished and tugged the dress down and rose to stand again.
"W-will that be all master?" He blushes and a mischievous smirk played my lips.
"No that's not all Kiku~" I teasingly say.
"Work was really tiring today and my arms hurt, could you come here and feed it to me?" I smirk, Kiku's face fumes steam but he obliges and comes closer. I grab his arm and pull him between my legs that wrap around his slim waist, he blushes more if possible and let's out a surprised "Eep!".
"Come on Kiku~" I huskily sing into Kiku's ear, he reaches out and takes the cake and spoon from the tray. He scoops out a part of the cake and holds it out to me...
I take the piece in my mouth and happily chew it, 'Delicious as always~'

Kiku then scoops off another piece and as he holds it out; a part of the cream topping drips onto his white maid apron, I smirk.
"Ara ara~ don't want your clothes getting ruined now do we~" I smile moving closer and lapping my tongue on the sweet cream. Kiku blushes and stutters out a barely audible protest as I pull away smirking.
"Tastes like we're missing something~" I tease and reach out to take the cup of caramel. Kiku's eyes widen as I drizzle it on the cake in his hands and (on purpose) spill some on his leg and stocking. Faking shock I put the caramel cup back on the table.
"Oh no~ that'll ruin your stockings!" I smirk watching Kiku's face redden; already knowing what I was planning to do.
"Let master fix it~" I purr leaning down, drawing my tongue over the caramel on his stocking, Kiku puts the plate on the table and hides his muffled moans in his hands as I lean him to lay back on the couch. He ends up laying down as I bring my moist tongue over his caramel covered skin, I slide his stocking down his shaking leg and move his dress higher;granting me access to the rest of his thigh.
"Y-you did that on p-purpose..." Kiku stutters and I smile against his shivering skin.
"Maybe~ but you secretly love it don't you Kiku~" I smirk lifting his leg up into a bending position so he can see me licking his thigh.

I snake a hand up his back and tug at the big white ribbon holding his apron on, I hear Kiku gasp but make no movement to stop me and I slip it off of his shaking form. I smirk and leave his leg and move my face up to his, Kiku slips his deep chocolate eyes open to gaze up into my own (e/c) ones. Smirking; I lean down to capture Kiku's lips with my own, I drop a hand to his thigh and stroke it making Kiku gasp. I take advantage of that by slipping my tongue into his mouth, I share the taste of cream from the cake hearing Kiku let out a moan. I lift his tongue with my own and begin sucking it earring pleasurable moans from my boyfriend, continuing to add passion into the kiss; I slip my other hand to unbutton his black collared dress.
Kiku's eyes widen but close again as I slip my hand to run my fingers over his shivering chest, Kiku slips his arms out of its sleeves so the dress is messily wrapped around his waist. He slips his hand to tangle into my (h/c) hair making me smile, he uses his other hand hand to wrap around my neck bringing him further it to the kiss.

Kiku shudders and I brush my nails over his left erect nipple, I smirk and begin pinching it and teasing the nub making Kiku let out a low "Eep!" I response. I gently twist it making Kiku squeak into our kiss, I move my hand to his other nipple as my first hand moves higher to slide along his hips. Kiku shyly tugs his hand around my neck at my black tie; I smile and allow him to undo the tie and throw it forgotten into the room, our eyes close as Kiku shyly unbuttons my white collared shirt and slides it off my shoulders.
Kiku moves his hands to my back and when I flick his right nipple; his nails dig into my back, I let out and low grunt through a smirk. I quickly slide the dress down Kiku's legs to fall to the floor, leaving him in white stockings, black high heels, black lacy underwear and a black and white head dress.

I carefully reach out a hand, take the cup of caramel off the table and smirk into the kiss. I part from the kiss causing Kiku to pout adorable with pink dusting his cheeks, his eyes widen when he spots the caramel. I smile beginning to line Kiku's chest with the sweetness, he squeezes his eyes shut at the sweet topping coating his chest and stomach.
"Ahh~ my sweet little maid~" I purr leaning down and running my warm, moist tongue over his stomach. Kiku shudders and I scoop out caramel from his belly button. I smirk onto his skin and suck parts if his stomach, making red love spots. My tongue sweeps the sweetness up to his chest; Kiku muffles his moans as my hungry tongue works over one of his nipples, he shivers as I suck on the erect nub and play with the other one with my fingers. I rub the left over caramel on the other nipple making it slip with my movements, I slip my other hand to play with the black lacing at the sides of his underwear causing Kiku to moan more in approval.
"A-aahh~ aah~" he moans. I slide my tongue down to his waistline hearing more groans from my lover. I slip the garment down earning a muffled gasp from Kiku but still he makes no protest as I slip my fingers to meet his dripping member.

Kiku flinches as I brush my fingertips along his length dripping in arousal with pre-cum, gripping his member I slowly stroke up earning another gasp and muffled moan. Feeling him shuffle under me as I stroke him; I slide myself to attach our lips again, Kiku's eyes close and his blush spreads adding to his moe factor as we entangle tongues. I fully slide the underwear off and they slide of Kiku's legs to fall on the floor. Not his cock was free to stand up in arousal as I played with it, he moans into our hiss and gasps when I run my fingers over the dripping tip.
I smirked and parted from our heated kiss to allow Kiku the air he desperately needed, he pants in hot breaths with a string of saliva dripping down his shaking lips as I slide down to his hard member. Kiku lifts his head and looks down at me but instantly thrown his head back when I run my tongue over his tip lapping the sweet pre-cum.
"Ah! A-ah~! Ahhhhh~" Kiku moans as I happily take the tip into my mouth, letting my tongue massage it and lap up the taste. I release his member and look up to his red face.
"So sweet~" I purr. Kiku shudders and squeaks as I take the whole member into my warm mouth. Kiku's moans become louder as he holds his hands over his mouth. I bob my head in a steady rhythm and use a free hand to play with Kiku's balls earring more moans from my lover, one of Kiku's hands entangles into my (h/c) hair pushing me rougher onto his cock that I happily complied to by quickening my pace and sucking harder.

"(F-f/n)-kun~ a-ahhh~!" I hear Kiku moan, sounding to be getting close. I quickened my pace again being slightly rougher in my movements making Kiku shudder and let out a loud moan as he empties his load into my mouth. I happily swallow his sweetness, lifting my head from his still hard length, I look up to Kiku panting with a hand gripping the couches fabric, his chest rapidly rising and falling to his deep breathing. I smirk using a thumb to collect excess cum dripping down my lips and licking it up. Kiku cracks his eyes open to peer at me, I take the almost empty cup of caramel and spread it on my hand over Kiku's stomach so excess caramel laid on his shaking form.
I leaned down and used my hand to spread the caramel all over from his stomach to his chest and hips.

Kiku shivers at my action and squeezes his teary chocolate eyes shut.
"Turn on all fours" I command licking one of my caramel covered fingers, Kiku slips his eyes open to meet my own.
"O-okay" he says beginning to move, I stop his movements by putting a hand on his caramel coated stomach.
"Okay what~?" I tease.
"O-okay m-master" Kiku replies, I smirk and retract my hand allowing Kiku to move around so he was on all fours. I grin getting up on my knees and lowering myself on Kiku's back, sliding a caramel lapped hand down to his entrance.
"Bite your lip" I purr into his ear as I draw circles around his hole and slowly slip in a finger. Kiku gasps but quickly bits his lip to stifle his moans as I retract and thrust in my finger, his hips slowly rock with my finger and seeing he was getting use to the feeling; I slip in another finger.
Kiku sucks in air as I make a scissoring motion and thrust my fingers, finishing with a third finger to stretch his entrance I keep thrusting. I nip and kiss Kiku's neck making more love marks erupting moans from his shaking lips as my other hand works on his nipples.

Kiku feels my bulge poke his thigh making him shiver...
"(F-f/n)-kun... I mean M-master, p-please stop teasing me..." Kiku says causing my smirk to spread.
"My my eager aren't we my cute little maid~" I purr into his ear making him shiver. I oblige by retracting my fingers from his throbbing entrance to unbuckle the belt and slid down my black pants so my bulge hidden by (fav colour) boxers is revealed.
I move off of Kiku to kneel behind him; using my other hand coated with caramel from Kiku's chest, I use the caramel as lube on my throbbing length. I bite my lips at the feeling, leaning down and placing my hands over Kiku's to entwine our fingers, I line up my member with his hole.
"Y-yes m-master"
I smile and slowly thrust in, the caramel works to easily to slide my cock into Kiku's tight entrance, I bit my lip and Kiku let's out a loud gasping moan as I enter all the way. Kiku's shaking arms give way and he used his elbows as support, digging his nails into my my hands.
"Ah! Aaaaaaahhhh~!! H-hah ahh~!" Kiku moans, I stop waiting for him to feel comfortable.
"(F-f/n)-kun... P-please..." Kiku stutters with tears running down his cheeks.
"Please what~?" I tease with an amused grin on my sweaty face.
"M-master... Please" Kiku repeats making me smirk.

I slowly slide out of him then immediately thrust back making Kiku squeak and me grunt, I repeat the motion again harder. Kiku moans louder as I quicken my pace, his nails dig into my hands probably drawing blood and I continue to pump in and out of him. I suck and kiss his neck as his deep eyes spill with pleasurable tears, he squeezes his eyes shut but open them with every thrust and I hold my own closed. Now using only one hand to support myself; I use my free hand to tease and flick his erect nipples then move down to play with his hardening member.
"A-Ah! Ah! Aaaah~!" Kiku moans as I continue to thrust and stroke into him. His ass squeezes suddenly causing my to gasp at his walls tightening around my throbbing member. I thrust harder hitting Kiku's prostate making him scream in pleasure; I smile against his neck and pump directly aimed at his sweet spot.

"M-master~ I-I'm so c-clooose~" Kiku moans.
"M-me too~ Kiku~" I smile thrusting harder and flicking the tip of his dripping member. Making my thrusting motion harder and quicker; I feel the knot in my stomach tighten and tighten until I'm ready to release.
"K-Kiku~ I'm coming!" I moan against his neck.
"M-me too (f-f/n)-kun—Master!" With one final thrust; the knot in my stomach releases and I empty my load into Kiku, he widens his eyes and releases his sweetness underneath him.
"AAhhhhhh~!" Kiku moans along with my low moan. Kiku's arms fully give way and he drops his face onto the couch and I drop not his back; both of us panting deeply.

I slowly pull myself out of Kiku, letting my juice leak from his hole, I roll to Kiku's side. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull his back against my chest, nuzzling my face in his ebony hair still with the head dress in it. We eventually slowed down our panting and due to the passionate sex; we slowly fell asleep with smiles on our faces.

~Extended Ending~

Ring~ Ring~ Ring~ Ri—
"Allo~ zis is Francis Speaking~"
"Thank you!"—Beep beep beep.
"Vhat vas zhat? It sounded like (f/n), vhat exactly vas he shanking me for—..."
"Oh~ honhonhon~"
"I knew a maid vould be simply irresistible~"

The End~
I was bored and wrote this... :iconiceuplz:
I just thought the wasn't enough Japan x Male!Reader stories and... And I ended up doing this~ :iconhmmmmplz:
It's a little strange though~ Japan does enjoy Yaoi, but he gets embarrassed when it's about him! I think it's really cute of him~! :iconmoeheavenplz:

I hope you enjoyed this little one shot!
:bulletpurple:I do own the story.
:bulletyellow:I do not own you.
:bulletblue:I do not own Hetalia (That belongs to Papa!:iconhimaruyaplz:).
:bulletgreen:I do not own the picture (If it is yours then please leave a comment and I'll credit you).</b>

Thank you for Reading~!:iconlucywaveplz:
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