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.:The Reason:.

[America x Male!Reader]

One shot...

"I love you so much" Alfred says as he showers my face in kisses, my hands stayed on his firm chest as his arms stay permanently wrapped around my waist.
"I love you too Alfie" I smile kissing his cheek as he parts from my forehead.
"I seriously don't deserve your love" he pouts in a childish way making me let out a low chuckle, rising on my toes to my American boyfriend standing half a head taller than me and press our lips together. It takes him less than a second to react by kissing me back and slipping his tongue through my welcoming lips.
I separate us and stroke his cheek, he nuzzles into the warm touch my fingers give him and lets a look of content enlighten his face as he cups his hand over my own.
"There's no one else I'd rather give my love to... Than you Alfie" I smile cupping his other cheek and pressing our foreheads together in a gentle manner earning a smile and nuzzle of foreheads.

~Time Skip~

My panting was coming out in ragged hot breaths as I ran down the school hallway, my white shirt became untucked and my (h/c) hair getting messier the more I ran. Worry took over my face when I heard a rumour that Alfred had a fight with the school football team, I could remember before we became official boyfriends, he was a part of the team but the following week he quit so of course, I felt majorly at fault.
Spinning a corner and another, I made it in front of the nurses office where I saw Alfred sitting out front, he looked a mess. His golden hair stuck up in every direction, multiple band aids littered his face, scratches an bruised could be seen on his face and I didn't want to imagine what he was hiding under his favourite bomber jacket. My (e/c) widened at the dried blood staining his hands that he held in his lap and I dropped to my knees.
"A-Alfred, what happened?! Why isn't the nurse treating you?!" I questioned grabbing his hands trying to inspect where the blood was from.
"I got into a fight, the other guys inside need more attention than I do." I says keeping his gaze away from mine and fixated on the ground.

Leaping to my feet; I opened the door and made it passed the nurse bandaging three jocks while three others lay in beds unconscious, the nurse said nothing as I helped myself to ointment, cotton balls and band aids. I left the packed room and dropped down to Alfred still avoiding my gaze, I said nothing but began cleaning his face from dry blood working with his eyes facing the other way as if he was afraid to look my in the eyes.
"Take off you jacket Alfred" I command dipping the cotton ball in ointment as he followed my words and discarded the jacket.
I felt my eyes widen at the cuts and bruises littering my beloveds arms and bit back a sob at the pain he hid behind a disappointed face. Once I'd somewhat overcome my shock and fixed his arms in bandages, I sat on my back feet to Alfred's side and looked him in those baby blue eyes that refused my gaze.
"Alfie... Tell me what happened" my worry doesn't go unnoticed in my voice and Alfred visibly flinches hearing it.
"They... They called you some bad things... I was fine when they called me queer and crap... But... But I couldn't take it when they spit out lies about you (f/n)..." Alfred muttered dropping his head so his glasses and bangs hid his sorrowful eyes.

I flinched at the explanation and my first instinct was to tear up, but I bit back the tears that threatened to spill seeing how my beloved Alfred had suffered by the hands of my tormentors. How he'd defended me and how he'd hurt himself in the progress.
"Alfie... Look at me" I command, but his stubborn gaze remains fixed on the ground.
"Alfie." I grab his cheeks with my hands and force his head to face me, I feel a stab at my heart seeing the torment and hurt in his blue eyes. I pressed our foreheads together closing my eyes.
"Alfie... I love you, don't get yourself hurt over me..." I whisper feeling him cup a hand over one of my own.
"I love you (f/n)... But I won't let them spit lies about you. You're the reason I get up in the morning, you're the reason I feel I have a future, you're the reason I can smile everyday... The reason why I fight... Is for you..." Alfred lifts his head and kissed away the tears that fell freely down my cheeks as my eyes remained shut and lips trembled.
"I will always defend you (f/n), you're the reason I'm breathing..." He smiles gently pressing a kiss to my forehead and my shaky hands slowly slide to hold his neck and tangle my fingers in his messy golden hair.
"I love you (f/n)" he parts his lips from my forehead and nuzzles his noes against mine as I slip my eyes open.
"... I love you too Alfie" I say as he closes the small gap between us, connecting our lips in a beautiful kiss.

He raised his hand to cup my cheek, wiping off left over tears and wrapping his other arm around my waist; pulling me off my knees to fall onto his welcoming chest. Alfred licks my lips and I respond by parting them and welcoming him into my mouth where our tongues danced and lapped each other in our tastes. He tastes off apple and cinnamon making me more infatuated with the kiss, his hand slides from my cheek to the back of my head and he cradles it as I lean up into the kiss.

It was safe it say we were skipping the rest of school and going to Alfred's home.


~Lemony Time Skip~

Alfred smiled down to his beloved and planted a long kiss on his forehead, (f/n) smiles at the action and nuzzles into the welcoming chest of his lover.
"I love you Alfred" he says finally finding his breath.
"And I love you (f/n)" Alfred smiles agains his forehead, closing his eyes into the welcoming slumber.
"You're my reason to live..." He whispers knowing his love was already asleep.


Alfred sat alone in the rain, his school had finished many hours ago but it was the only place he could think to go in this time of desperation. He'd just come out to his parents, the blonde visibly flinched at the memory, he thought they were ready but now he knew they weren't... Considering they they just disowned him and left him wet, depressed and in he rain. The school bars were cold against his head as he starred behind rimmed classes to the black clouds.
"...I bet if I died right now, no one would care..." He whispered to himself.
"I care." The rain stopped falling on him and his baby blue eyes darted forward where he saw one of his classmates (f/n) (l/n) smiling, holding an umbrella over the American.

The shimmer of hope in Alfred's eyes disappeared the second after it appeared and he dropped his gaze to the concrete floor.
"Don't waste your time... I'm a waste of air, I have no reason to still be here..." Alfred said, his eyes drooping in the sadness in his own words.
"Now you and I both know that's not true" (f/n) smiled kneeling to Alfred's eye level.
"We're all here for a reason" he says combing the water out of Alfred's hair with his fingers giving the blonde a surprising amount of warmth and comfort.
"You just need to find yours" he says taking Alfred's hand in his own. Baby blue eyes widened and he stared at the connected hands, slowly rising his gaze to look at (f/n)s face highlighted by street lights and shined by falling rain drops.

Alfred's breath hitched; never before did he think someone could be more breath taking, could be more kind and loving... Than (f/n). Slowly. He wrapped his fingers around the ones radiating warmth through his being, tears silently fell down his cheeks and without thinking, he pulled the unsuspecting boy into his embrace. The umbrella clattered to the floor and (f/n) was pressed against Alfred's slump chest and his head dropped on the (h/c) haired boys shoulder.
Tears freely fell from Alfred's face as he held one of the only people to show him kindness in his cold embrace. (F/n) smiled, understanding how strong Alfred was to not have broken down earlier and wrapped his arms around Alfred's back, shushing and whispering calming words into the blonds ear and the rain poured over their heads.

The reason is you...

~End Flashback~

Alfred's tired eyes slowly blinked open and he stretched his arms up letting out a long yawn, the second later his eyes snapped open in alarm at the obvious absence of his beloved. Leaping to his feet; Alfred fixed his boxers and left the bedroom, he came to the kitchen where he saw (f/n) in his (fav colour) boxers and white singlet underneath a red apron.
Alfred smiled coming up behind him and wrapping his arms happily around (f/n)s waist.
"Good morning~" he sang kissing (f/n) on the cheek, to which he smiled and pecked Alfred on the lips.
"Good morning Alfie" he smiled holding up a spatula.
"I'm cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast incase you're wondering" Alfred's face lit up and he immediately showered (f/n)s face in kisses.
"Yay!! I love you (f/n)~!" He laughed a heroic laugh making (f/n) laugh as well.
If only these blissful times would last forever...
If only their happiness would never end...
...But of course, tragedy would sneak up upon the two...

~Time Skip~

[(F/n)s P.O.V:]
I stood leaning my back on the school gates, looking at my watch that said 3:45, I sighed and looked up at the sky, I was waiting until 4:00 when Alfred was off detention because of yesterday's fight. He told me to go home because he didn't want to be a bother, but I stuck with my boyfriend and chose to wait out here until he came back. A quick breeze blew in my (h/c) hair, sending a chill down my spine, I turned my head to the school entrance because of a noise sounding like someone was exiting.
But my eyes widened and breath got caught in my throat at the sight of the school football team, half of which still looked badly beaten from yesterday. Their eyes glared daggers at me and I felt myself shrink in size and take a defensive step back.

But the group came forward, their hard looks freezing me in place as they cornered me against the gate.
"Is this the faggot?" I flinched at the menacing voice of the jock in front of me, one of the other jocks with a broken arm and black eye nodded giving me one of the worst looks.
"So this is the piece of shit that made Alfred a fag." My fist tightened and I tried to take another step back but was blocked by the gate.
"You little piece of shit. Do you know how many games we lose since our star player quit, and for what? For a Queer." His words stung me and I visibly shuddered seeing him take a step forward.
"When we're finished with you, you're gonna wish you never met him." My eyes widened as he drove a fist to my stomach.

Gagging and choking on my breath as he elbowed me behind the neck as I slumped over and fell onto the ground, I tried to get to my knees but was struck in the side by a leg from another player. Kicks came from every side as I coughed and tried to yell in pain.
"Dude, check it" I slowly peered up at ones voice sounding scarily amused. My (e/c) eyes widened in fear seeing him flick open a lighter.
"Good call." The jock in charge grinned taking the lighter, I wailed as one stood on my arm and held my palm out, tears already spilling from my eyes as he kneeled down and brought the lighter closer so I could feel the heat repudiating from it.

"We're gonna make sure you never touch another fag again" he smirked pressing the lighter to my hand. I screamed in pain and desperately tried pulling my hand away but to no prevail, I chocked on a sob as two others viciously kicked my legs and another bashed my other arm with a metal bar pulled from the school gate.
Still screaming in the immense pain, I was silenced by the one on top of me, crushing my ribs and stoping me from breathing freely, he grabbed a handful of my hair and slammed my face into the concrete floor.
I chocked feeling air leave me and the pain start to fade into numbness, desperately trying to breath as the laughs and taunts circled around me, the jock finally shut the lighter and pressed his finger against my hand making me scrunch my face in pain. He chuckled flicking it open again and the one atop me lifted my head making me face the lighter.
"Lets make sure no one wants to look at this faggots face again" he grinned slowly bringing the flame closer to my face, I chocked on my breath, tasting blood and stared at the flame menacingly coming closer to me.

"(F/N)!!!!!" Two of the jocks move a little, allowing me to see Alfred's petrified face, his baby blue eyes shook in fear and he froze in place dropping his bag to the floor.
"Haha, Hey Alfred!" The leading jock with the lighter chuckles grinning friendly at Alfred.
"We're just fixing your little issue here" he smiled flicking the lighter back on.
Alfred's eyes suddenly darkened and his expression twisted into hatred.
"You BASTARD!!!" He screamed lunging at him, driving a ferocious punch to the boys face, effectively sending him flying into the gate and away from me, my body began loosing all feeling and my head dropped to the hard floor seeing that the boy atop me grew afraid and stood away from me.

I looked to the side and saw Alfred like I'd never see him before, he was smashing the jock against the gate, blood spraying out of the boys mouth and his body like paper in Alfred's hands that he viciously ripped apart. The boys dropped to the floor, and Alfred turned to my direction, my vision was blurring and all I saw were Alfred's dark eyes as he threw the others away from me, attacking some as the rest stood around us frightened.
"A-a *cough* Alfred..." I whisper out bloody lips, some how I caught his attention and he drops the boy in his fist and runs to my side.
"(F-f/n), you're gonna be okay " he smiles a pathetic smile and carefully turns my aching body around and holds my head in his lap.
"O-okay? W-were gonna get you to a hospital" the longer he looks at me, the more it looks like he's going to break down into tears.
I slowly nod my head feeling more numb than ever, Alfred turns his head and snarls at the boys still standing around us looking petrified and frozen in place.

Not wanting Alfred to hurt anyone else, I shakily raise my hand that wasn't burnt and cup his cheek, he immediately spins his head down to look at me again. Alfred carefully lifts me up and runs, I couldn't tell how far he ran, but he didn't stop, my vision blurred and the white and red lights meant we were at a hospital.
I was seen immediately the second we walked in and Alfred held my hand the entire time, the rushing sounds around me echoed in my head like I was in a tunnel, my vision doubles and I looked to the side seeing nurses prying Alfred away from me as men in white took me in a bed I didn't know I was being pushed down the halls.
Beeping and voices echoed around me and Alfred desperate voice from down the halls screaming.
"(F/n)!!! Stay with Me!" And "(f/n)!! Stay Awake!"
But the energy left my body and my eyelids drooped to a close.

~Time skip~
[Alfred's P.O.V:]
I slowly walked into the hospital room, gripping a bouquet of (fav flowers) in my shaking hands, my eyes darted to the white bed where I saw my beloved, tubes in both of his arms, bandages across his chest, head and burnt arm and a gas mask covering his mouth an nose. I swallowed my tears before I could choke on them and slowly walked up to his side.
I fixed the flowers in a vase on the side table and sat down beside him in a chair. As gentle as I could; I slid my hand onto the bed sheets and took (f/n)s uninjured hand into my own, slowly lifting it up to my lips, I planted a kiss on the knuckle.

The doctors had told me that everything went well considering he had major burns, fractured and broken bones, internal damage and sever cuts all over his body, I teared up only hearing what those bastards did to him. But they said to let him sleep and he'd recover fine, I slowly blinked my eyes looking at his peaceful sleeping face, if he were awake, he'd tell me to not worry and get something to eat. But I'd didn't have the stomach for anything, I wasn't going to eat anything until he was awake and make me his delicious home cooking.
I felt tears well up in my eyes and immediately wiped them with the sleeve of my bombers jacket, I stood placing his hand back down and made my way to the bathroom to wash my face of the sadness.

I sighed into the mirror and glared at the useless reflection, what kind of person am I if I couldn't defend my love? He needed me then more than ever and I wasn't there... He's my reason to live and he could have been taken from me... To never return. I restrained myself from punching the blonde in the mirror and left to room with my eyes trailing the white tiled floor.

"You know..." My eyes widened and darted forward to the melodic voice in the bed.
"(Fav flowers) are my favourites" (f/n) smiled at me and my bright blue eyes freely rained tears. I ran to his bed side and desperately wanted to wrap my arms around him but I didn't want to hurt him so I froze in place.
(F/n) saw my dilemma and smiled, slowly reaching out his uninjured hand to cup my cheek, his warmth radiating through my body drove me to the edge and I collapsed to my knees sobbing. (F/n)  lifted my head up and gently pressed our foreheads together allowing my hands to hold his cheeks.
"I could've lost you..." I hiccup between sobs.
"You can't loose me that easily" (f/n) smiles separating our foreheads and planting a kiss in mine while sipping away the tears rolling off my cheeks with his one hand.

~Time Skip~
[Normal P.O.V:]
"I mean Are you Seriously Sure?" Alfred whined at his lover currently hobbling on crutches towards their school.
"Yes Alfie I'm sure" he states fixing his hand bandage. It had not been long enough for (f/n) to heal so he was still covered in bandages and a cast, of course he and Alfred were leaving the school. They had plans to go to another where (f/n)s friend Antheia goes, once she heard what happened, she demanded they leave that school and come to hers, she'd taken care of all the papers and supplies and just needed the school permission forms to leave.
Alfred had volunteered to get both papers, but (f/n) was determined to pull his own weight and get his along with Alfred's. So the two strode to school, when they entered the grounds, all students heads turned to them, mainly (f/n) due to all the injuries he had. Alfred immediately stood protectively close to him, snarling and glaring at everyone on the way

They made it to the office and as they were walking out, the jocks were blocking the exit, Alfred stopped (f/n) by out stretching a protective hand in front of him. The jocks all looked awful; the majority of them bandaged up and black & blue from Alfred's handwork.
"Let us through." Alfred demanded with an unusual seriousness in his normally happy voice.
"We'll get you when you come back" one said glaring at them.
"We're not coming back" (f/n) said gulping his nerves.
"We're going to another school where douchebags like you aren't welcome." Alfred responded taking a step closer forcing them to take a step back.
"Now move it." Alfred says, the jocks visibly shudder at the coldness in his tone and move to the sides. Alfred and (f/n) strode forward, Alfred stayed protectively in from of him as they walked past he jocks, tension staining the atmosphere as glares were shared between them and Alfred.

The two passed and the jocks turned to look at them.
"You wanted to be a Professional Footballer Right?!" The head jock yelled making Alfred freeze and (f/n) to stop at he side.
"I'll make sure you Never Survive A Game!" He growls, Alfred turns his head to glare at the boy.
"Do your worst." Alfred growls making them take a step back.
The two turn on their heels and walk out, passed the school gates and out. Alfred kept a stone expression on as they walked, (f/n) pouted at his expression and pinched his cheek making him wince and let out a long oooooowwwwwww!
He let go and Alfred rubbed his sore cheek.
"That look doesn't suit you Alfie" he says grinning back. Alfred smiles and hooks his arm around (f/n)s shoulder, carefully bringing him in for a hug into his chest and pressed a kiss to his boyfriends forehead.

~Extended Ending~
It had been many years since then, they'd graduated at their new school, they'd moved in together, Alfred grew to become a star American football player and (f/n) had become a (dream job). They had a house together and lived a happy life, of course they got occasional odd looks but they couldn't care less. They are happy because they are with each other, and that's all the reason they needed.

"I'm home~" Alfred shut the door behind him whipping a towel on his sweaty forehead and shaking his singlet to allow in air. Leaving his sneakers at the door, he zoomed down the halls to see his boyfriend in the kitchen.
"Welcome back Alfie!" (F/n) smiled turning around with a plate stacked with food, even though Alfred needed to be in top shape for his games, (f/n) always spoiled him with stacks of food waiting for him. Alfred smiled brightly and pulled (f/n) into a hug.
"Yay! I love you (F/n)!" He laughed nuzzling his head into (f/n)s cheek making him chuckle and set the food on the counter.
"Haha, I love you too Alfie" he laughs bringing the blondes head down and planting a kiss on the forehead. Alfred smiled and kisses his lovers head as well. Then he suddenly picks (f/n) up and swings him over his shoulder making (f/n) squeak in surprise and blush.
"A-Alfie! What're you doing?!" He asks as Alfred begins power walking down the halls.
"We haven't done it for a while!" He laughs heroically leading them up to their bedroom.
"E-Ehhh!? You want to do it now?!" (F/n) blushes gripping on his singlet.
"Huuuuuh? You don't want to do it?" Alfred pouts imitating a puppy look that make (f/n) visibly flinch.
"Now, I didn't say that" he sighs giving in and letting Alfred cheer and take them to they bedroom.
"Yay~!" He cheers shutting the door behind them.

This is their perfect life, they have all they need, all they could want and all they've ever wanted... Each other.
And that's all they'd ever need.
Have a Story~! :iconba-kyunplz:
I realised I hadn't written an America x Male!reader Lemon yet, So I thought I'd Write One!
I did this last night do please excuse any typos or grammar errors I may have made! :iconkyutwinkplz:
Now I'm Off To Write More Yaoi Lemons!! :iconairpunchplz:

*EDIT* As you can see; I've posted the lemon on another website to make sure DA doesn't take this story down. I'd really appreciate it if you all would post your comments here though~ :iconyuinodplz:
Thank you~

Hope you enjoyed it~!
:bulletpurple:I do own the story.
:bulletyellow:I do not own you.
:bulletblue:I do not own Hetalia (That belongs to Papa!:iconhimaruyaplz:).
:bulletgreen:I do not own the picture (If it is yours then please leave a comment and I'll credit you).

Thank you for Reading~!:iconlucywaveplz:
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How are the America x male readers more sweet then the regular America x readers? -_-///
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Well, you should know that after a man has had smex with another man, he should have so much pain in his lower back, waist, and but, to even get up, just saying. And it was perfect, I loved how you had the extended ending, the yaoi part was...awsome, and it was well detailed!
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